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Bio-Feedback Analysis (BF)
BF was designed as a non-invasive way of monitoring the body's cellular communication, energy flow, and meridian stress. The BF device establishes two-way communication between your body and a computer. It tests for thousands of substances that you may have come into contact with and measures your body's reaction to them. The information gained through these tests may then be used to aid in the suggestions of body rebalancing and stress reduction that would enable you to live a more vital, healthy, and happier life.

Allergy Detection/Reduction
The LAZ.Rx induction lasers partnered with Psychophysiological Testing using bio-feedback will allow the options of addressing: allergies, pain relief, and emotional blocks.

Pain Reduction
Using the Rit-M-Scenar device and induction lasers.

Impedance Analysis (BIA)
BIA is a highly accurate means of measuring your body composition, basil metabolic rate (metabolism), intercellular and extracellular water along with other key factors which will assist your consultant in the recommendation of a lifestyle intervention and wellness program.

Neutraceuticals are extracts of herbs, foods, vitamins and/or minerals that have been demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease. A full range of the highest quality Neutraceuticals from around the world are available to support you in your nutritional needs.

Nutritional Education
What we eat provides the basic building blocks required for every single function in our bodies. However, there is no One size fits all recommendation about nutrition. Food sensitivities, lifestyle, and stress levels may each play a role in what is right for you. All of these factors will be considered to find the right nutritional profile for you.

Classical Homeopathy
Homeopathics are remedies made from natural substances. They are prepared in a unique and highly effective process which makes them capable of addressing not just symptoms but the core issues, thus allowing your body to strengthen and then heal itself.

Kinesiology is a system using natural health techniques combined with the gentle use of muscle testing to assess your body's needs and improve your health, wellbeing and vitality.

Ionic Foot Bath Systems
An ionic foot bath uses charged ions to gently pull out accumulated toxins and cellular waste in the blood and lymph through the 2000+ pores in your feet. It is a relaxing, simple, yet effective way to detoxify, cleanse, purify, and energetically balance your body.
Q1000 Laser
Q1000 low level laser and point probes for stress reduction relating to pain and inflammation.

Rit-M-Scenar Devices
Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator and Cellular rejuvenation. It is a significantly effective non-invasive, non-drug option for the stress reduction of pain and scar tissue. Also, this device can be used for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.

Lymphatic Drainage
A machine called a Lymphstar Pro is beneficial in the balancing of a number of lymphatic conditions as well as in assisting preventative health maintenance by allowing the body to cleanse and receive nutrients more efficiently. LD stimulates the function of the immune system, relaxes the body, and aids in pain relief.

Personal Life Coaching
Life Coaching is an interactive process that assists individuals of all ages and from all walks of life to build better lives. Clients learn to reduce stress, create positive relationships, balance their time, and thus live a more healthy and joyful life.

Cranial Electrostimulation (CES)
CES employs mild electrical stimulation which helps to restore your emotional balance, reduce tension, elevate mood, and normalize your sleep patterns. You will find yourself quickly returning to a balanced state.

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